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Our Story

Starting only with one product line we have evolved over the years into one of the dominant players in the European Food Distribution market with over 1000 items in our products portfolio. Strategically located in Central Ontario, operating out of 85,000SQFT facility with 4 temperature zones a fleet of trucks and partnerships with third party logistics companies, allows us to service our customers all across Canada. Today Wonder Berry earned a reputation of being a go-to entity to take new European brands nationally, and a preferred supplier by many satisfied customers across Canada.

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Our Vision

Carrying exclusive product lines of major European Brands, having a consistent supply at the lowest possible cost while bringing value across the supply chain. Utilizing the latest technology for inventory control, forecasting, in person and online sales tools. Communication, lighting execution of incoming orders, is what we known for.

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Grow Your Brand with Us

Over the years we have built strong relationships with major Chain Stores across Canada. We have pioneered this field and introduced many of our items through dedicated product sections and were able to earn product loyalty from mainstream non-European consumers as well. That’s why brands such as Borjomi, Franzeluta, KDV Group, Roshen, Harkiev Biscuit, and Svalya put their trust in us to be their exclusive Canadian Distributor.


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